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Cut-out Shapes and Add-ons

Cut-out Shapes 

Paste any cut-out paper shape onto your invitation. Common cut-outs include flowers, stars, hearts, rings and boats, but there’s really no limit to the imagery you can include. Our studio can create whatever you have in mind!

  • Create shapes using any type of colored paper in any finish, from matte to coated
  • Request intricate shapes made with laser cutting
  • Add multi-color die-cut shapes (imagine a flower made with three colors of paper)
  • Impress your guests with detailed paper mosaics

Your invitation designer can help you choose personalized cut-outs to add to your invitation.

Stripes and Panels

Create stripes and colored panels on your invitation with custom paper layering. As an alternative to printing stripes with ink, stripes made with colored paper give your invitation a luxurious handmade touch.

Your invitation designer can show you the many ways that you can add paper stripes, panels and other handcrafted accents to your invitation.

Rhinestones, Jewels and Gems

Add sparkle and shimmer to your invitations with rhinestones, jewels or gems.

Choose from imitation diamonds, pearls, colored rhinestones or crystals to create any of these effects – or invent your own!

  • Lettering – spell out a word, a number, or a message with rhinestones, jewels or gems
  • Borders
  • Dressing
  • Dot the “i’s” in your message
  • Add sparkle to the center of a flower
  • Abstract — add a splash of brilliance
  • Stars in the sky
  • Animal eyes

Ribbons, Bows and Fabrics

Add timeless elegance to your invitation with ribbons, bows and other fabrics.

Choose from dozens of ribbons, wrap styles and fabric accents:

  • Solid
  • Silk
  • Organza (sheer)
  • Tapestry
  • Embroidered
  • Love knot (intertwined ribbons)
  • Wrap-around bow
  • Glued-on bows
  • Ribbon stripes
  • Ribbon borders
  • “Gift Box” wrap
  • Hanging ribbons
  • Custom knots

If you have a special ribbon that you found, we’re happy to use it!

There is no substitute for timeless quality.

Invitation Basket
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