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Customize your invitation with artistic papercraft. We can fold, layer, cut and accessorize your invitation to create a keepsake-quality work of art.

Your invitation designer will show you what’s possible and help you create a vision. From there, we’ll handle the technical details of making your idea come to life.

As always, samples are available in many ways to help you create and envision your order.

Coordinated Envelopes

There are all sorts of ways to coordinate an envelope to give your invitation a unique and personalized touch. Your invitation designer can show you some of our standard envelopes and the way that they can turned and artistically presented.

With custom-folded envelopes, your invitations will excite your guests from the moment they open the mailbox.

Custom-printed invitation envelopes are included standard with every Invitation Basket order.

Click here to read more about our custom envelopes.

Paper Layering

Create specialty borders, color combinations and other accents with custom paper layering.

You or your invitation designer can order any type of layering effect to create the vision you have in mind. We can also suggest layering effects that will match your invitation’s style.

Folders and Pockets

Folders and pockets are great for multi-part invitations – they can hold RSVP cards, directions, and other accessories.

There are two ways to add folders and pockets to your invitation:

Paper on paper: A piece of paper is pasted onto your invitation using glue on three sides to create a pocket. This is the more simple and economical option.

Scoring and folding: Paper is hand folded to create a pocket or a “dramatic reveal.” Your invitation can open to reveal one part of the message at a time, and accessories can be tucked into folded pockets.

Your invitation designer will be happy to show you the many options for custom folders and pockets.

Decorative Papercutting

Just as it sounds, we can cut your invitation in artistic ways to add drama and beauty. Cuts include names, curves, edging, organic effects, angles and more.

Your invitation designer can help you choose the best papercutting effects to match your theme.

Duplexing and Triplexing

You can create thick and ultra-thick papers using the techniques of duplexing and triplexing. These heavy, dignified papers can be customized with one color on the front and another color on the back.

Your invitation designer can help you decide whether specialty thick papers are best for your invitation.

There is no substitute for timeless quality.

Invitation Basket
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