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Printing Methods

Choose from three types of high-quality printing to give your invitation the right look and feel.

  • Lithography (offset printing)
  • Thermography (raised letter printing)
  • Digital printing

Lithography – Offset Printing

Also known as offset printing, choose lithography if you want your invitations to have the brightest, most vivid colors.

Your invitations are printed through a two-step process: First, choose an ink we offer or have an ink mixed to your exact color. Next, it’s applied to the sheet by a printing press. By printing premixed colors one at a time, your finished product has pure, perfect chroma – a true work of art.

Lithography is also used to print on dark papers with metallic ink.

We have 36 standard colors and can mix custom colors at your request.

Thermography – Raised Letter Printing

Thermographic printing creates elegant raised letters with a glossy shine. Thermography can also be used for artistic designs, accents and borders.

We have 32 standard colors and can provide custom colors at your request.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for printing invitations with photos or images. It’s also great for any design with more than a handful of colors.

In digital printing, colors are made by mixing inks together directly on the paper, similar to how your computer monitor uses pixels to create an image.

Most digital printers only use four colors of ink. Our digital printer uses 11 colors of ink to give you bright, lifelike images – far beyond what you could get from traditional four-color digital printing.

Invitation designers take note – Four-color digital printers are approximately 75 to 84% true to the Pantone Matching System. Our 11-color digital printer creates colors that are up to 98% true to Pantone. Now you can be sure that the digital process will print the exact colors you’ve chosen!

There is no substitute for timeless quality.

Invitation Basket
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